Auto Pilot Half-Caf

Perfect for all day sipping. Love it brewed in my ESPRO Ultra Light. Outstanding taste and body.


Saw your post on Facebook. Quick shipping. EMS pilot in Oklahoma (fixed-wing) .... good job guys. Will recommend to my peers.


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Auto Pilot Half-Caf

AutoPilot Half-Caf 


Our Signature Half-Caf blend was specially crafted to keep "all the gauges in the green" - it's a brightly balanced blend with a medium body and a medevac pilot's go to while on a 12-hour shift.  All of our coffees are responsibly procured directly from estates of multi-generational coffee bean growers in Jamaica and Colombia.  We have just the right coffee for you at Aviator Mercantile Post and we appreciate your business! 

  • When you don't need high gear!
  • Our signature blend coffee 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Flavor preserved processing
  • Responsibly procured from multi-generational coffee bean growers
  • 1/2 the caffeine with a medium body
  • Grown in Jamaica and/or Colombia
  • Weight 16 ounces / 454g


Need coffee pods? Our premium small-batch coffee is roasted nearly on demand for ultimate freshness. By extension, bulk pod packaging isn't suitable for our roasts, but the good news is, most major box stores sell reusable pod filters for custom brewing. 

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