Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets

An American Icon | Authentic Bomber Jackets

It has become a timeless piece of aviation history, has been rendered iconic through film, television, and celebrity fashion. It is a part of the cultural consciousness and is easily recognizable, though the layman might not know its name. The bomber jacket is as much an enduring part of American culture as bell-bottoms or high-top sneakers, and brands all around the world seek to emulate the form and function of this garment. 

It is difficult, of course, to perfect a jacket that is already quite perfect. That is why we at Aviator Mercantile Post only collect authentic and fully pilot-approved jackets exclusively supplied by Cockpit USA. We aren’t interested in cheap imitations and faux accents. We want to bring you the real deal, the same jackets that kept our fliers safe and sound in the skies. 

We know bomber jackets inside and out. We understand the specifications of each jacket, know each jacket’s history and wartime relevance. Our collection includes jackets for men and women, both in the same original styles

If you are a traditionalist, you may appreciate the ur-bomber, the B-15 jacket. This gorgeous jacket was the predecessor to all other bomber jackets and comes in authentic 1950s U.S. Air Force Blue or Early Air Force Olive. 

The successor to the B-15 was the MA-1 Bomber Jacket, a nylon jacket first adopted in the 1950s. This is perhaps the most recognizable bomber jacket, and the most replicated. The color of this jacket also shifted to the Air Force Sage color you find in our collection during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, when fighters needed to wear green shades for camouflage. Just like the originals, our jackets have an orange interior lining, which can be used to signal for help. 

For aviators requiring extra warmth, the B-3 Bomber Jacket is your historical best choice. Built for high-altitude bombers, this inimitable jacket could keep pilots warm even at 25,000 feet, and will certainly do the same for you, no matter where you are. Our jackets are also made with real sheepskin and possess the original waist belts, to allow you to tighten the jacket to keep out the chill. 

Women have affirmed their place in the skies time and time again, and our collection includes styles built for women. Our G-1 Jacket was first introduced in 1938 and was adopted by the Army and Navy. The shearling fur lining will keep out the wind, and the two large front flap pockets can accommodate all the essentials you need for your journey. 

In our women’s collection, we also have one of the oldest, most enduring of jackets: the A-2 Flight Jacket. This jacket was in use from 1931 to 1943 and was made in a warm “seal-brown” color. Our A-2 jacket is a tribute to Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs), who began serving during the early 1940s by flying operational planes from factories to bases. The leather of our jackets is designed to give it a worn look and its shape is tailored to suit women wearers. 

The history of the bomber jacket is illustrious, and it is our privilege to be able to supply modern aviators with the same jackets that have kept our fliers warm since the 1930s. Browse our collection of jackets for men and women, and become part of aviation history yourself.