Men's Bomber Jackets

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10th Mountain Vest

10th Mountain Vest The 10th Mountain Vest is compatible with this Traverse Ski Tro..


1941 Pearl Harbor B-3 Bomber Jacket - Brown

B-3 Bomber Jacket President Franklin D. Roosevelt called the unprovoked attack&nbs..


Admiral USN Peacoat - Navy

Admiral USN Peacoat The Admiral USN Peacoat was originally worn by working sa..


Airborne Embroidered Fishtail - Olive

Airborne Fishtail ParkaThis Airborne Embroidered Fishtail Parka brings to mind the Army in 1950s..


All Black B-3 Hooded Sheepskin Bomber Jacket - Black

All Black B-3 Bomber Jacket The All Black B-3 Hooded Sheepskin Bomber Jacket ..


Authentic MA-1 Bomber Jacket

MA-1 Bomber Jacket The Authentic MA-1 Bomber Jacket was conceived by the USAF in the 19..


B-10 Flight Jacket - Olive

B-10 Flight Jacket B-10 Flight Jacket is a cloth adaptation of the US Navy G1 pattern w..


B-11 Winter Parka - Olive

B-11 Winter Parka The B-11 Winter Parka was made famous by Chuck Yeager weari..


B-15 Nylon Bomber Jacket

B-15 Nylon Bomber Jacket The B-15 Nylon Bomber Jacket was one of the top choices o..


B-3 Authentic Sheepskin Jacket

B-3 Sheepskin Jacket If you haven't worn sheepskin, you don't know what you're missing!..


B-3 Hooded Sheepskin Bomber Jacket - Brown

B-3 Bomber JacketThe B-3 Hooded Sheepskin Bomber Jacket is probably one of the most well-kn..


B-6 Black Shearling Bomber Jacket

Men's B-6 Bomber Jacket The handsome B-6 Black Shearling Bomber flight jacket is a revi..


B-7 Aleutian WWII Sheepskin Parka - Brown

B-7 Aleutian Sheepskin Parka The B-7 Aleutian WWII Sheepskin Parka was a lifesavin..


Black Leather G-1 Military Spec Jacket

G-1 Military Spec Jacket Officially, G-1 is a term used for the fur-collared WWII ..


Classic Naval Aviator's

100 Mission Flight Jacket Our Classic Naval Aviator's 100 Mission Flight Jacket lo..


Men's Bomber Jackets

Men’s authentic and handcrafted bomber jackets supplied by Cockpit USA | Quality lifestyle products hand-selected by real pilots TM