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Auto Pilot Half-Caf

AutoPilot Half-Caf  Our Signature Half-Caf blend was specially crafted to keep "al..


Blue Skies Decaf

Blue Skies Decaf  A lively smooth proprietary-blend to awaken one's senses without..


Elevated Dark Roast

Coffee With a Bold Roast Choose the Elevated Dark Roast from Aviator Mercantile Po..


ESPRO Ultralight Coffee Press P0

Make grit-free coffee or tea anytime, anywhere with the world’s lightest double-walled, vacuum-insul..


Flagship Medium Roast

Flagship Medium Roast Our brand goes far beyond aviation...we are purveyors of distinct..


GSI Backpacker Mug Out Of Stock

GSI Backpacker Mug

Backpacker Mug A hot refreshing mug of cocoa or coffee after a long day can be the best..


Titanium Bot - 700

Similar to the standard BOT (Bottle + Pot) but with a shorter height and attached handles, the BOT -..


Titanium Travel Coffee Filter

Don't let anything come between you and a fresh cup of pure coffee. The Vargo Titanium Travel Coffee..



Delicious Coffee Blends to Keep Your Inner Pilot Going

One thing commercial pilots vastly share in common is their unconventional working hours. Pilots all around the world, be they commercial pilots for huge airlines, instructors at FBOs, or EMS helicopter pilots, are accustomed to working hours that are customarily outside of their control. And while there are countless benefits and perks to being a pilot, sometimes supplemental provisions are required to help sustain even the most privileged occupation. 

This is not to say that being awake at odd times isn’t exhilarating. Finding yourself lifting off in the early hours with the sun just cresting the horizon, savoring the wonders of the job…who’s complaining?

The pilots at Aviator Mercantile Post understand best what it takes to be mentally fit and preserve that pep in your step. When rest just doesn’t feel like enough to rejuvenate your faculties, a bright and lively cup of our custom craft coffee is sure to enliven the task at hand. 

Our Oscar-Tango-Charlie collection (“On the Clock”) was inspired by our affinity for premium brews shared with our personal travels. By extension, our caffeinated connoisseurs of good taste set out to discover the most handcrafted coffee complete of all the coffee goods and gear you need to elevate your daily tasks. Our growing collection offers you not only artisan blends, hand-selected for their premium taste and desired potency, but also quality drinkware designed specifically for coffee consumption whether you’re flying an aircraft or the desk. 

Our coffees are selected by pilots who know and love coffee with a great deal of expertise.  Collaborating directly with estates of multi-generational coffee bean growers in Jamaica and Colombia, masterfully roasted in the U.S. Opting for small-batch blends, we carry every type of coffee you might find yourself craving an aromatic sip of. If you thirst for the taste of a superb coffee without the buzz, our smooth decaf blend will be the choice for you. For something with complexity, yet boldly refined, our elevated dark roast will keep you aloft under the most tasking of workloads.

And for all the pilots who prefer an exquisite, yet acquainted flavor throughout a long shift, meet our half-caf. Lastly, but certainly not least: after extensive research and caffeinated induced fun, we proudly crafted our flagship medium roast - a delectable artisan blend with notes of dark fruit, creamy chocolate, toasted nuts, and a desirable hint of acidity.

Don’t forget about our hand-selected goods to transport your preferred blend with either our compact, portable Backpacker Mug or brew your own cup on the go with our travel French-press travel mug. And for those whom rely on the disposabe cup, try one of our debossed genuine-leather coffee sleeves to comfortably appreciate the warmth of your freshly brewed cup of coffee – you’ll optimize your wakefulness for many sips to come.  So, skip the crowds and savor a sip at your own pace.