8 Hours Bottle to Throttle

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750 Ml Wine Growler

The perfect size to hold a bottle of wine. Keep your whites cold, and your reds at an ideal temperat..


Bourbon Bears Cocktail Kit

Old-Fashioned   The Old-Fashioned has become so popular, it's one of the most Googled cocktail recip..


Champagne Bears Cocktail Kit Out Of Stock

Champagne Bears Cocktail Kit

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Hand Blown Glass Whiskey Glasses in Diamond Pattern - Set of 4

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Moscow Mule Bears Cocktail Kit

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Rose' All Day Cocktail Kit

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Stemless Wine Glasses in Diamond Pattern - Set of 4

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The Bloody Mary

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The Champagne Cocktail

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The Gin and Tonic Out Of Stock

The Gin and Tonic

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The Hot Toddy

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The Italian Spritz

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The Margarita

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The Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule   In 1941 when the perfect combination of vodka and ginger beer was poured into a so..


The Old Fashioned

Old-Fashioned   The Old Fashioned has become so popular, it's one of the most googled cocktail recip..


8 Hours Bottle to Throttle

Relaxation on the Go or at Home | Cocktail Kits, Decanters, uKegs

A pilot’s responsibilities are manyfold, and the work does not start and end upon takeoff and landing. A good pilot must be alert, active, and prepared before and after the flight. 

This makes the job of flying a taxing one, on both the body and the mind. An aviator must take good care of him- or herself in order to have the stamina and mental capacity to fly well. After a flight, a pilot needs to unwind, recharge and unburden him- or herself. 

We at Aviator Mercantile Post have you covered for the wind-down. We understand the importance of relaxing post-flight, and our 8 Hours Bottle to Throttle collection is built in service of it.

“8 Hours Bottle to Throttle” refers to the minimum amount of time necessary between a drink and acting as pilot-in-command of an aircraft. When enjoyed responsibly, a drink is an excellent way to wind down and bask in the thrill of the flight. Sipping on a drink with your fellow pilots, trading tales of harrowing journeys and incredible views is one of the best ways to celebrate the miracle of aviation.

As frequent travelers, though, pilots know that access to a fully stocked liquor cabinet is not always possible. This is why our 8-Hotel-Bravo-Tango collection contains travel-sized kits, which allow you to wind-down no matter where you are. These nifty kits contain all the tools needed to concoct a drink quickly and efficiently—all you need to supply is the liquor. 

We have kits to create every drink; Moscow Mules, Bloody Marys, Margaritas, and more. Whether you are a passenger or a pilot, our drink kits are your ticket to good times. Kits come in sleek and discrete containers—no need to share if no one knows what you’re carrying. 

For the home, we can think a little bigger. No need for pocket-sized beverages and collectible travel thimbles of liquor. Pull out a bottle of the good stuff and make yourself your favorite cocktail with all the fixings in the comfort of your own abode. 

And if we’re thinking big, then let’s really think big: go all out with a gorgeous decanter full of your favorite liquor. Our decanters are made with real gold leaf applied to the stopper and are available in several different shapes and sizes. Get the complete set of two decanters and two glasses, and you’ll be set to settle down with a friend for a night of good conversation. 

If beer rather than liquor is your drink of choice, then you shouldn’t go another minute without a uKeg. The uKeg is a pressurized keg that can keep your drinks carbonated for up to two weeks. Fill it up and keep it on hand for camping trips or firepit sessions with friends and family. The uKeg comes in several sleek, muted colors—black and copper—and is as much a fashion statement as it is a tool of enjoyment.  

We know you take your job seriously. Take your relaxation seriously, too. With our kits, decanters, and uKegs, your route to serenity will be a swift and easy one. Cheers.