Airworthy Essentials

Only the Best in Pilot-Approved Gear

To endure high workloads, cramped spaces, and vacillating air pressure, aviation gear needs to be impervious.  In our collection of Airworthy Essentials, you will find the finest authentic pilot equipment, reconfigured and repurposed for your lifestyle needs.  Whether you simply love the look and feel of aviation accoutrement or are looking for eye-catching furnishings, you will find everything you need right here. 

Discover one of a kind clock designs sure to stand the test of time in our collection of Timepieces.  Our wall clock is built for either indoor or outdoor environments to ensure a timely arrival or departure for any occasion. Our mechanical clocks embody timeless appeal, while our alarm and table clocks, with their nostalgic forms and brass accents, hark back to iconic aeronautical ingenuity. 

Our Aeronautical Decor collection comprises of a stylish fleet to accent any living or workspace. In gleaming brass and sturdy, aircraft-inspired engineering, our lamps, mobile device stands, and shelf brackets are the ultimate conversation starters. 

A pilot’s philosophy on bags is “Buy it for life.” #BIFL  No one is better acquainted with the importance of sturdiness, handiness, and longevity than an aviator. So, when shopping for new bags, visit our pilot-approved Bags collection, where we hangar our array of premium leather and waxed canvas bags in all shapes and sizes built to endure both time and fashion. Whether you are looking for a messenger bag, a laptop bag, a tech dopp kit or a duffel bag, Aviator Mercantile Post has the timeless style you need for your month-long voyage or the daily commute to work. 

Every aviator needs the right tools to jot down their flight-plans, Air Traffic Control instructions, and record post-flight debriefs.  Keep track of your endeavors with these same tools.  And of course, the quality of those tools must be commensurate with the brilliance of your ideas or stray thoughts. The Space Pen was used on the Apollo 7 space mission in 1968, and has been in use by NASA ever since. That reputation endorses the Fisher Bullet Space Pen as the ideal tool to translate your musings onto paper. Pair your Space Pen with a brass notepad from our Stationery collection for an aerospace writing experience.

Our Artisan Key Rings are as versatile as they are distinctly unique. In this gem of a collection, you can own pieces of history with our planetags made of retired US military aircraft fuselages.  These striking tags showcase American air-superiority while proclaiming your affinity for the skies. And for anyone actively embarking on a voyage into the unknown, our key ring compass pendants provide pocket-sized reliability to keep you on the right track - they can also double as a necklace, bringing eye-catching style to your gear. 

Finally, every preflight inspection is incomplete without a reliable Flashlight. And of course the best flashlights are the ones that have been tested by the professionals. We carry exceptional aviation-ready flashlights, which will serve you in circumstances ranging from minor to dire.  All our flashlights are lightweight and rechargeable with their casings available in aviation grade aluminum, brass, and titanium.  These flashlights defy the dark in distinct style.

From indoor furnishings to adventure-ready bags, flashlights and timepieces, you will find every aeronautical accessory you need in our Airworthy Essentials Collection.