Women's Bomber Jackets

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Amelia Trench - Brown

Amelia Earhart Brown Trench   Here we have the coveted Amelia Earhart Trench ..


Amelia Trench in Black - Brown

Trench Coat in Black Suede Here we have our Amelia Earhart Trench in Black that is abso..


Bessie G-1 Jacket - Black

Bessie Bomber Jacket The Bessie G-1 Jacket is a feminine take on the traditional c..


Black & White Sheepskin Coat

Ladies Sheepskin Coat This is just a really practical and classic jacket that can ..


Sapphire N3B Parka - Sapphire

Sapphire Snorkel Parka  Commonly referred to by the USAF as the Snorkel Parka..


The Amelia Jacket - Brown

Amelia Earhart Jacket We've seen the pictures, the movies, and the newsreels regar..


WASP A-2 Flight Jacket - Brown

WASP Flight Jacket The WASP A-2 Flight Jacket honors The Women's Air Service Pilots who..


Women's B-15 Bomber Jacket - Sapphire

Ladies B-15 Bomber Jacket Women's B-15 Bomber Jacket is an all-time favorite and with t..


Women's B-3 Bomber Jacket

Ladies B-3 Bomber Jacket Women's Air Service Pilots, or WASP were a tough group of civi..


Women's B-3 Suede Bomber Jacket

Ladie's B-3 Suede Bomber Jacket With the inception of the Women's Air Service Pilots [W..


Women's G-1 Jacket - Brown

Women's Top Gun Jacket Cockpit USA's Women's G-1 is a feminine take on the traditi..


Women's Hooded B-3 Bomber Jacket

Ladies Hooded B-3 Bomber Jacket Women's Air Service Pilots, or WASP were a tough group ..


Women's Hooded B-3 Suede Vest - Tan

Ladies Hooded B-3 Vest The perfect choice for a day out in the woods or for a trip to y..


Women's N3B Long Parka - Sage

Ladies Long Sage Parka  Commonly referred to by the USAF as the Snorkel ..


Women's Raider Jacket - Brown

Ladies Raider Jacket Inspired by the men's A-2 flight and bomber jacket, our Women..


Women's Bomber Jackets

Wear an authentic piece of women’s history in aviation supplied by Cockpit USA | Quality lifestyle products hand-selected by real pilots TM