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Apollo 11 Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Astronaut Pen

Apollo 11 Limited Edition On July 20, 1969, the crew of NASA's Apollo 11 made history, ..


Black Titanium Nitride Astronaut Space Pen

Original Astronaut Pen Actually used in space, this is exactly the same style pen that ..


Black Titanium Nitride Bullet Space Pen

Black Bullet Space Pen The classic design of the Black Titanium Nitride Fisher Bullet S..


Fine Sized Chrome Bullet with Ring For Neck Chain

Petite Space Pen The Fisher Fine Sized Chrome Bullet Space Pen makes it extra easy to always..


Gold Titanium Nitride Bullet Space Pen

Gold Bullet Space Pen     The classic design of the Gold Titanium Nitride Fisher Bullet Space Pen ha..


Gold Titanium Nitride Infinium Space Pen With Black Ink

Infinium Space Pen The Gold Titanium Nitride Infinium Space Pen With Black Ink writes far lo..


Lacquered Brass Bullet Space Pen With Clip

Lacquered Brass Pen   The Fisher Lacquered Brass Bullet Space Pen with Clip is exactly what you need..


Limited Edition Apollo 7 50th Anniversary Space Pen

Apollo 7 50th Anniversary Pen   When John F Kennedy made a challenge to put a man on the moon, Paul ..


Matte Black Bullet Space Pen With Clip

Matte Black Bullet Space Pen   The classic design of the Matte Black Bullet Space Pen with a pocket ..


Scribner Notepad Brass Small

Small Notepad in a Polished Brass  At Aviator Mercantile Post we have some unique ..


Scribner Notepad Nickel Large

Large Polished Nickel Notepad Holder Inspired by a French notepad holder made in 1930 a..


Scribner Notepad Nickel Small

Small Notepad in a Polished Nickel   At Aviator Mercantile Post we have some ..


United States Thunderbirds Space Pen

Thunderbirds Space Pen Lt. Colonel Ron Mumm, Commander of the Thunderbirds, asked Paul Fishe..



Write with the Best | Fisher Space Pens and Notepad Holders

Though we live in an increasingly digital age, good old-fashioned pen and paper have not gone out of style for pilots and fans of the pilot lifestyle. Many pilots keep pen and paper handy to write down information about the flight plan—things like the flight number, time en route, the initial flight level, and expected and minimum fuel for takeoff and landing. 

Pilots might also write down information they receive during the flight, like gate information, current ATIS information, and any route changes that might occur en route. This is plenty of data a pilot must remember, and typing it all up on your phone is an absolute no-go. So, a pad of paper and pen close by are musts for many pilots who would rather have those numbers down on paper than swirling about in their brains. 

With this pilot need in mind, we have created a collection of writing utensils and notepads of exceptional quality. Our cockpit-worthy writing utensils serve any analog-minded pilot well, but we also made sure our collection is built for use by non-pilots. You’ll find items that are not only functional but also attractive, so you can use them as decorative elements in your home, or as utilitarian ways to spruce up your office desk. 

No matter how you put these items to use, we guarantee they will far exceed your expectations. 

The product which we are proudest to stock in this collection is the Fisher Space Pen. The Fisher Space Pen is very likely the most famous writing utensil in the world, having been designed in 1967 by Paul C. Fisher for the Apollo Space Mission in 1968. The pen has been used on every manned NASA space mission ever since. 

What makes the Fisher Space Pen special is that it can write under virtually any weather, gravity, or pressure circumstance. The sealed and pressurized ink cartridge contained in each pen allows the ink to flow in zero gravity, over grease, and in extremely high and extremely low temperatures. This is a pen that won’t let you down. It has a permanent home at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and was even featured in an episode of the TV show, Seinfeld. 

We carry a variety of Fisher Space Pens, from the commemorative and limited edition pen made with Kapton foil, genuine and authenticated material from the Apollo 11 spacecraft, to the Gold Titanium Nitride Bullet Space Pen, the first type of pen made by Fisher in 1948. No matter what your interest in the Fisher Space Pen—as a lover of all things space travel, or as a lover of exceptional pens—you will be very pleased to own a Fisher product. 

But what’s a great pen without a great surface to write on? Luckily, you can give your knees a rest and do the rest of your note-taking on a gorgeous notepad holder, made of solid brass. This solidly constructed holder will keep your notes in place with a vintage-looking wingnut—both sleek and sturdy. Our notepad holders come in large and small sizes and in brass and nickel finishing, so you can find the one that best suits your home office décor or the inside of your cockpit!